More on (my) CDs

So I shared what I didn’t do right in this post, so after doing research; watch tonnes of  youtube videos, read lotsa links from different brands, I finally found perhaps my way of dealing with cds, at least I plan to as right now the baby’s only poop & pee in my belly haha. But let me try first so I have a feel whether it’ll work for real dirty diaper. As for prepping the new cds, here’s what I do:

1. For Grovia Newborn AIO, since it’s organic cotton, it mentions there at the tag to wash 3-5 times to improve absorbency. Since I don’t have a high efficiency (HE) washer, so I just utilize what we have, which is Daewoo N1012 front loading machine. First I rinse with cold water using Rinse + Spin program, then main wash with 1/4 cup detergent (Waitrose Non-Bio) using 40degC program with extra rinse. Then I turn to Rinse + Spin again – first wash complete. Since I don’t have a dryer, I just line dry the cds under the sun, as we have  lotsa sun here in the middle east :p. So far I’ve completed 3 times wash (and dry), and will do again until at least 5 times as recommended.


The inside of the Grovia Newborn All In One (AIO), suitable for 3.5 up to 12 lbs.


The tag mentions the material of the cover and inserts


It’s recommended to wash 3-5 times to improve efficiency


Snaps to adjust the size

2. Another brand which is my favorite is the One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper Rump-a-rooz! It is a cd with leak protection and two inserts in which you can choose either microfiber or hemp or bamboo soakers. I bought the microfiber soaker and it doesn’t need many wash cycle for prewash. Once is enough, so I throw the covers and inserts and do the same wash as I did for Grovia. If I were to buy hemp/bamboo soaker in the future, it needs to be washed 6 times to maximize the absorbency, from the website it mentions with or without detergent.


(Right) The Cover in Charlie print and (left) the microfiber double soaker.


Putting in the inserts. If you noticed in the previous photo there are label tags at the inserts so might wanna make sure the tags are accessible at the pocket area so when you want to take them out for storing or washing (dirty diaper), you can pull the tags so your hand are free of pee/poop


One size diaper, so you can adjust the size by using the snaps, but it might be a little bit bulkier for newborn but still OK

I only have these two brands in my stash, but I have ordered bumGenius 4.0 stay dry from Cotton Babies on Black Friday sales too and it’s on its way from US. Also interested in getting Charlie Banana and Bamboolite  (Malaysian brand), both can be ordered online (Malaysia) and hope to have it sent to my friend’s address, she’s going back to Malaysia and will be back to Oman on January 4th. Will think about it first because it’s quite hard to buy from the US now that it’s almost Christmas and New Year.