My Cloth Diapers (CDs)


I have been cloth diapering since my eldest was 14mo, at that time we had a nanny as I was working (in Malaysia). My girlfriend introduced me to CD and at first I was quite worried whether it’ll work for us but after thinking carefully and actually tried it, I was convinced. Back then my preferred brand was Rump-a-Rooz, I bought in from an online reseller in Kuala Lumpur. However, there were a few things I didn’t do quite right in terms of cloth diapering as I did not read thoroughly so I  missed a lot actually.

Here’s what I didn’t do right:

1. Prepping the cloth diaper before use. Well, as far as I remembered, I did prewash them, but I handwashed only. But it’s quite alright, because prewashing is actually to get rid of the production dirt whatsoever, and I wasn’t using hemp/bamboo insert that needs 4-6 washes before use to improve absorbency.

2. Keeping the pooped & peed diapers. I soaked them all after rinsing :(,  when we could actually just throw them in a pail with liner (rinse the pooped ones first) and wash them during laundry day. Because I only have less than 10 cds so I had to wash everyday; I should’ve stocked some more so that I could save the water, detergent and electricity by washing it alternate days.

3. I used to tell the nanny to wash it at the end of the day with the machine, but she chose to handwash it and I thought that’s ok. Turn out it’s not! As it needs to be washed in warm/hot to properly clean it. AND she used fabric softener too, because we thought it will make it smells nice! That’s a big NO in cloth diapering.

4. Another thing that make me regret is applying diaper creams! My daughter has a sensitive skin although she’s on breastmilk so before we used cds, we had to apply a lot of diaper creams – organic and non organic. Although she didn’t get any rashes when on cds, we still use them out of habit.

5. When she’s almost 2yo, we had many leak events we thought she outgrown the one size diaper that we decided to stop using cds.. Little that we know we mishandled the cds all this while.

How did I notice this, is simply because nowadays I had plenty of time researching about cloth diaper since we are having a new baby soon, since I’m a sahm now so I thought I’m gonna start again, properly. That will be shared in the next post!


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