Intro to Babywearing

Ok let’s get started!

I found lotsa websites on babywearing (bw), so before getting serious and committed into bw (that has made me a bw gear’s churner – wrapaholic, since then) one really need to get a better understanding on the correct bw, why you do it, what to use, safety aspects.

Below is the summary of my choice, it might be different from another mommy, but this one really makes me feel comfortable to babywear:

1. Babywearing is an act of carrying your newborn/child anywhere, anytime and in another term is an act of love. Parents mostly tend to bw when they go out for shopping, school run, weddings, and sometimes sahm wear their baby while doing chores. They find it easier to handle cranky baby (for example), mommy to nurse in public (nip) and to do things hands-freely.

2. In the previous post, I have showed you the type of carriers I used and I failed to comply with the safe & ergonomic bw. I have gathered a few pics made by sweet mamas to guide me in safe bw:



The TICKS rule for safe babywearing for all gears

3. Now that I understand the basic principle of bw, it’s time to choose the gears. This is the most exciting part. For a newbie, one will always ask which one is suitable for herself; taking into account the age of the child, budget and where to buy. There are so many types of gears and each one has different brands and materials. So before anything else, we need to understand all types of carriers


The Babywearing International explains it quite well too. Click here for reference.

Newborn: Ring sling, wrap, stretchy wrap and pouch sling are most suitable due to their weight and body structure. We need to achieve the natural curl c shape spine of an infant, the same condition when she was in the belly for 40 weeks.

1508056_10152816525122435_7915318323181224407_nHere’s an infographic on the ABC’s of babywearing safety. Once we figured out the best carrier suits us, we need to always ensure we practice the style (a lot, practice makes perfect!), check our baby during carrying (ensure airway, close enough to kiss and in view at all time), check the baby position especially on the neck and back and lastly the comfort of both baby and wearer.


How an infant should look like when being carried in a wrap/rs

How an infant should look like when being carried in a wrap/rs

4 mo and above: Wrap, ring sling (rs), mei tai (asian style carrier), soft structured carrier (SSC). At this age, the baby has grown bigger and the bone structures is quite strong, so mommy will continue with wrap and ring sling, some will straight away change to mei tai or ssc as it’s quite easy and quick to use. Wrap is better than rs at a certain weight because rs puts a burden on one side of shoulder if you’re using it at a long time. But again, you may choose any type of carriers that best suit you.

4. There are many types of wrap too! And you’ll go crazy just by looking at how many brands with cute prints and colors there are in the market! For a newbie wrapper, go for 100% cotton or combed cotton or egyptian cotton and these are easy to use, some are quite soft, cushy and snug out of the box. Brands to looks for for a newbie are Kokadi, Didymos, Ellevill, Natibaby, Little Frog, Lenny Lamb (you can just google these and it will direct you to their respective websites). My personal choice is Didymos & Ellevill. Wrapped my tummy the other day, so in love with how soft the material is. And then there’s handwoven wrap such as Girasol, Bebe Sachi, Woven Wings but these are usually quite expensive. Or you might join any For Sale or Trade (FSOT) group and buy a second quality of wraps from other mamas. Usually the wraps are already broken in (soft &  easy to use) as compared to new ones. And to date, I have 6 wraps, 3 ring slings and 2 ssc. Don’t tell my hubby about this! On  stretchy wrap, it’s suitable until your child is about 7-8kg because you couldn’t achieve the ticks rule for heavier child due to the nature of the wrap – reach the max stretch.

Will talk more on the wraps and different materials and blends in future posts!

5. What is the carrying method suitable for me if I choose wrap? There’s a lott too, and wrap comes in many sizes, so do a lot of reading and watch videos on YouTube will help your decision making. For now I have a size 3, 5 and 6, so different size suits different type of wrapping. Click here for more info.

6. Some sites that I find very informative, keeping it  for my own reference and yours too:

Alrightey, that’s it for now, hope I have captured most of the basics and aspects of bw, till then, happy natural parenting!