My Early Babywearing Journey

Babywearing is not that new to me. When I gave birth to my dearest daughter (dd) 2 years ago, dh’s officemate gave us an Ergo carrier, we didn’t know back then it was a soft structured carrier (SSC) which is an ergonomic carrier but we used it – there was a time where we misused it 😦

Ergobaby SSC

Ergobaby SSC, we were supposed to follow the TICKS rule. Unfortunately we didn’t because the we weren’t exposed to the correct info on babywearing (and most books didn’t mention this)

Wrong use of Ergonomic carrier!

Wrong use of Ergonomic carrier! Front Facing is NOT recommended!

When my dd is about 3 mo, I had to travel to an island for the company’s teambuilding and engagement, so I decided to bring her along. I bought a pouch carrier from  Mothercare (retailing about USD30++). It is another ergonomic carrier only back then I didn’t really know how to use it properly.


And I still remember buying that RM400++ (about USD117++) hip seat carrier (I didn’t keep any photos of me wearing it), Korean brand, hoping that my dd will have the most comfortable seat whenever we carry her. But little that we know the carrier is NOT an ergonomic one, no wonder after an hour my hips were all sore. The carrier is also too bulky and I sometimes forget to bring it anywhere.

And during our trip to Hong Kong & Guangzhou for our dd’s 1st birthday, we thought we just get any cheap carrier on our way there – I think we bought it at a shop in Hong Kong at a very cheap reasonable price. We bought a narrow based carrier (crotch carrier), another non ergonomic carrier! We used it almost all the time because it was winter and our dd felt warmer when we carried her. I have a picture but you can’t really see it, but it’s something like the pic below it

xx brand of non ergonomic carrier, another front facing!

xx brand of non ergonomic carrier, another front facing! This was taken at the textile rows in Guangzhou in 2013


The pic on the left shows an example of narrow based carrier (crotch carrier). Can you imagine how the kids feel sitting down “hanging” like that for hours?? The pic on the right is an example of ergonomic carrier. And both pics below will be explained later. Source: google

I noticed that parents tend to carry their child facing the front. I thought the same too, because we want our baby to “see the world” but we are actually wrong, they don’t need to see the world, especially newborn, they just need a hug to calm them down (and how exactly you hug a person?); to feel the heartbeat they’d been feeling for about 40 weeks. And naturally when they sleep tummy-down (stomach sleeping), they often sleep better that way, and imagine carrying your child facing down – only you and the child are standing, they’re calmer, it makes a lot of sense!!

We made huge mistakes back then, but lucky for us we didn’t really need a carrier to carry our dd because she’s our first child and the first granddaughter for both our parents, so everyone were more than willing to carry her bare hands! And we used big bulky stroller too, good use when she’s sleeping. My dd started walking at 10months so since then she loved walking on her own, except when she’s too tired or cranky. So at least we’d saved her legs!

For the second one, we are going to wear him/her ergonomically, make things right this time, hopefully. And since I’m now a devoted sahm, it would be much easier to do so!

Alright, will share more on babywearing in the next posts!