I’m a SAHM

Hello everyone, I’m a Malaysian sahm living in Muscat, Oman with a 2yo daughter and a second one due in January 2015.

The main reason of this blog is to share my daily (struggle) life as a sahm towards natural parenting. So what’s the fuss about natural parenting? Well, after reading it through, there are at least three things in it: babywearing, breastfeeding and cloth diapering. This is not something new to me as I did the last two on my daughter, only maybe not religiously due to work. Now that I am a stay-at-home-mommy, I really want to take this opportunity to start again as much as I could.

I will be sharing my references and day-to-day activities, for my own reading and yours too. I really want to make it as useful as it can be to all of you readers, maybe I’m not an expert but it’s something that we as parents could consider. So happy reading and happy natural parenting!!