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This few days had been hectic, doing lotsa reading on preparing cloth diapers before first use. Well, the baby will literally be here in January, and I really can’t wait to sort all newborn list! This is the best part of all. Last Saturday we went to get some newborn clothings, they are having SALES at BabyShop up to 70%. We got something for the new baby and our eldest too, so much for the good bargain!

Some of the unwashed clothes

Some of the unwashed clothes

I'm staying at white & black (not all) this time....

I’m going for white & black (not all) this time….since we had so much pinks from the eldest!

We had a checkup yesterday, so far the baby is growing healthily, and already 2.2kg according to the ultrasound (EFW), at 33 weeks. If I remembered correctly, my eldest EDD was on 18th January 2012, but she came 2 weeks earlier on the 6th. I was  hoping that the new baby would come around that date too, and since dh’s birthday is on the 20th, they all can celebrate their birthdays together! And I for one will be having my queen time celebrating alone hihi.

Anyways, I thought I’d save a few informative links for myself on this blog, since I’m too weary to write!


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